Bird watching

Cyprus is an excellent location for bird watching and has much to offer, both local and migrating birds!

The Yurts are located a walking distance from Evretou Reservoir, one of the best locations for bird watching listed by Bird Life Cyprus.
You will often see Bonelli’s Eagle and Long-legged Buzzard hunt over the Yurts, a majestic sight.
Another very important site for bird watching is Pafos Forest - we are only 3 km from its edge that can be reached walking or cycling. Here is another link for Cyprus Birds and Birdwatching.
The photo on this page is courtesy of Marios Theodorou - Polemi, Pafos based wildlife and landscape photographer and activist promoting nature preservation in Cyprus. In his spare time [;-)] Marios is an emergency doctor and works at the local Polis hospital - hope you will not have to meet him there!